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      Common reasons for failure of excavator slewing bearing and broken teeth

      Time:2021-3-26 10:50:36      Click:502

      ① The slewing bearing for excavators is an important joint of the excavator. It fails during the use of the slewing bearing of the excavator. The user does not know the reason. There are two main reasons for the early failure of the slewing bearing for the excavator, one is broken teeth; The second is the destruction of the raceway. Among them, tooth broken is the main reason, accounting for more than 90*, and most of them occurred within six months after the excavator left the factory. The broken tooth caused the failure of the excavator turntable bearing. Broken teeth generally do not appear in the early normal use of slewing bearings. However, we have to face the fact that the working conditions of excavators are worse than those of tower cranes, truck cranes, and other industries that use bearings. , The rotation speed is faster, the impact load is also greater, and the possibility of tooth breakage is correspondingly greater.

      ②The law of early broken teeth of excavator slewing bearings. According to the early analysis of broken teeth of excavator slewing bearings replaced by data analysis, it is found that most of the broken teeth occur in the upper half of the tooth width direction, and more than half of the fracture surfaces are on the teeth The end faces intersect and form an angle of about 45°~60°. Even if the whole tooth falls off, the crack is caused by the expansion from top to bottom. The plastic deformation caused by the extrusion of the gear is also quite obvious, and the upper part is much more serious than the lower part. The tooth groove width of the whole ring changes to different degrees, from bottom to top, from root to top.

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