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      The slewing ring cannot be filled with butter?

      Time:2021-3-26 10:53:26      Click:505

      An excavator used for nearly 6000h suddenly experienced a loud rotating noise during the construction period. After on-site inspection, it was found that the slewing bearing butter pipe was broken and the butter could not be filled. Therefore, an abnormal situation of rotating noise occurred.

      Therefore, we recommend that the owner cancel the butter pipe and use a sinking oil cup to fill butter. In addition, a scraper can be installed below the slewing bearing to facilitate the cleaning of soil blocks under the platform.

      The slewing unit of the excavator is not complicated, and it mainly includes a slewing motor, a slewing reduction device, and a slewing ring gear. The hydraulic oil maintenance of the slewing motor can be maintained at the same time as the entire hydraulic system, and the hydraulic oil is replaced once about 2000h. The gear oil of the rotary reducer should be replaced once every 1000 hours. The replacement cycle here is only used as a theoretical reference, so we need to adjust it according to actual working conditions.

      In the routine maintenance process, the specific level of the slewing ring gear oil should be observed from the position of the dipstick. In some cases, abnormal loss of lubricating oil will be found. We should open the observation port of the big gear ring (bottom of the boom cylinder, add butter Note), check whether the lubricating oil leaks into the large gear ring cavity through the slewing ring seal.

      There are common misunderstandings in the maintenance of slewing bearings. Many people think that the interval time for slewing bearings is the same as that of the large and small arms, and needs to be beaten every day. This has a negative effect on the contrary. Because the lubrication cycle is too short, the grease in the bearing will increase, which will break the dust ring and cause leakage.

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