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      How to maintain the slewing ring?

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      1. The rotation of the slewing bearing is not flexible. You can check the production date of the slewing bearing. For example, if the time is longer and the weather is cold, it may be that the grease in the roller table is too viscous to cause the operation to fail. You can try the afterburning operation. If it can run after the increase and there are no other abnormalities Normal use.

      2. There is abnormal noise after assembly. It may be the lack of grease in the raceway and foreign matter such as sand and iron filings in the pipeline. Pay attention to whether the sealing strip is damaged and whether the installation bolts are loose.

      3. Shaking. It may be that the mounting screws are loose. Please check all the inner and outer ring mounting bolts immediately and tighten them as required.

      4. Broken tooth. The broken tooth is often directly related to the installation, and the gap should be adjusted as required. Fail to adjust the meshing gap with the pinion gear at the large tooth jump position as required, causing the pinion gear to jam when meshing with the large gear tooth jump position during operation and cause tooth breakage. There should be a green paint position on the way to mesh with the pinion gear. And make a trial run after adjusting as required.

      Last Item:Precautions for installation of slewing ring


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