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      Precautions for installation of slewing ring

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      1. Confirm the quality. Before installing the slewing ring, a careful visual inspection should be done to confirm that the slewing ring has not suffered major damage during transportation, such as severe rust, deformation, etc.; confirm whether there is a soft belt mark and a large gear jump position mark (the gear requires hardening or When the customer has special request).

      2. Clean up impurities. Since the slewing bearing mainly plays a role of connecting and supporting, once there are impurities such as paint residue, welding beads, burrs and so on on the slewing bearing, the adjacent components will be worn during the operation of the machine. When there are foreign objects such as sand particles and iron filings inside the slewing ring, non-periodic vibration will occur, and at the same time, there will be failures of inflexible rotation. Shorten the service life of the machine.

      3. Ensure precision. After the parts are installed, check the contact between the slewing bearing plane and the installation plane. If there is a gap, the gap should be filled with materials that can fill the gap to prevent the slewing bearing from deforming after the bolts are tightened. When installing a toothed slewing ring, it is important to adjust the gear backlash correctly. It can be measured and adjusted with a feeler gauge at the point where the gear radially jumps to the high point, or a lead wire or other suitable method can be used.

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