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      How to Clean Debris Contaminated Slewing Bearing

      Time:2021-12-29 19:00:10      Click:673

      Mechanical operation is inevitably invaded by dust and impurities. As a bearing used in large or heavy machinery, the slewing bearing itself has mounting holes, lubricating oil holes and sealing , but it will still be affected by the complex environment.Once improper maintenance, it may lead to debris with the rotation of mechanical parts into the slewing bearing, increase the friction between the slewing bearing and related accessories, the formation of activity stuck phenomenon, and even may lead to mechanical stop.In this way, the operation and management personnel need to master the cleaning method, and clean up impurities in time to ensure that the machinery is in production.

      The dust deposited by the slewing bearing in the raceway cannot be cleaned, resulting in the blockage of the oil injection pipeline and the roller stuck in the raceway.Use temporary additional auxiliary equipment to inject high pressure descaling liquid into the rotary bearing, through repeated rotation, make the friction pair of the rotary bearing relative movement, will deposit in the raceway oil dirt, dust clean.After cleaning, oil is injected into the slewing bearing to clean up the descaling liquid.

      It is necessary to check the slewing bearing accessories regularly. The damage of protective accessories or the invasion of impurities caused by improper use of lubricating oil will have a large consumption of slewing bearing and shorten its service life.

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