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      3 major differences in slewing bearings

      Time:2021-3-26 10:49:17      Click:882

      Compared with ordinary bearings, slewing bearings have the same working principle, basically the same structure, and the same components, but the difference between slewing bearings and ordinary bearings lies in the following three aspects:

      Size: The slewing bearing can be described as a "large bearing", which is relatively large. The diameter is generally controlled from 0.m to 10m, and can even reach 40m. The ordinary bearing is relatively small.

      Special speed: The rotation speed of the slewing bearing is very low, generally <10r/min, and there are many other working occasions. It is only rotating intermittently, but reciprocating within a certain angle range, which is equivalent to the said The "swing bearing".

      Installation method: The size of the slewing bearing is very large. It is not installed on the relevant spindle and installed in the bearing box like the normal installation of ordinary bearings. Instead, it needs to be tightly fixed on the upper and lower supports with screws. on.

      The structural type of the slewing bearing: There are many and diverse related types of the slewing bearing, and each style has its own different characteristics. In a word, it can be divided into two types: contact type and line contact type.

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